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On December 15, 2021, Governor Dan McKee announced actions to address the significant increase in COVID-19 cases and pressure on Rhode Island’s hospitals. In compliance, Alexander's Uniforms will temporarily require face masks for all customers, regardless of vaccination status, at our Warwick, RI retail location starting Monday, December 20, 2021, and will remain in effect until January 20, 2022, unless otherwise advised by the state.

Face coverings are mandatory in our stores. Please remain socially distances while in our stores.  Face coverings are mandatory in our stores. Please remain socially distances while in our stores.
Face coverings are mandatory in our stores. Face coverings are mandatory in our stores.
Please remain socially distances while in our stores.  Please remain socially distances while in our stores.

In-Store Policies

Alexander’s Uniforms in-store policies are following state guidelines in regard to COVID-19.

All customers are required to wear their own face and mouth protection while shopping in the stores and in our fitting rooms. We are also limiting the number of customers allowed to shop in the store at any given time, so please shop alone.

Our fitting rooms are open and sanitized for customers to try on products. Connecticut state guidelines require that no more than 6 items are allowed into the fitting rooms at a time. Any item a customer tries on must be placed on the designated return racks for proper sanitization requirements in correlation with state guidelines before products can be returned out to the floor.

Product Availability & Order Delays

We understand that there has been an increased demand for medical apparel during this time period. Due to the economic shutdowns, manufacturing products decreased tremendously as the demand for products has increased. Vendors are working as hard as they can to refill their products for all of your medical apparel needs. Should any items you order be considered out of stock or have a backorder date, we will notify you promptly.

The recent natural disasters have also caused many delays in product shipping to our facilities. We are working as hard as we can to notify and update our customers regarding these delays.

A Message To Our Customers:

Alexander’s Uniforms and its staff would like to acknowledge the work our customers are performing during the current health crisis. Please note our best wishes go out to everyone for the health and safety of you and your families at this time. Over the past forty years, we have seen so many of you working in our hospitals, eldercare centers, and offices in person and are amazed at the work for which you are all responsible.

We understand there has been an increased need of medical apparel for many of you during this period. As long as we are permitted, Alexander’s Uniforms will remain open to service your uniform needs in anyway we are able.

At Alexander’s Uniforms, we are employing methods of making your uniform purchasing and delivery easier and more convenient. We are currently working with a limited number of health care facilities in MA, CT, and RI to offer free delivery of orders to your place of work, where permissible by the facility. Some of your facilities offer payroll deduction as a means to pay for orders, so we are offering a program, where permitted by your facility, to use your payroll deduction for online orders, phone orders, or email orders, have your amount deducted through your paycheck by your employer, and have your order shipped/delivered to your facility with no delivery or shipping cost.

If it is inconvenient or difficult to get to one of our retail locations, please feel free to phone in or email orders, as well as use our website. Each of our store locations will be taking phone orders as will our corporate office/warehouse.

Alexander’s Uniforms is looking to assist our customers in any way possible during this health crisis. While many people have stopped working, we realize that our customers have been working harder. Please let us know if there are any ideas for us to better serve you and we will do so whenever possible.