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On-Site Sales Program

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Monday - Friday 9am-4pm EST
  • Extremely convenient for employees to shop at work!
  • Over 35 years in the medical uniform business.
  • Top-Notch service and support after the sale.
  • Retail stores in Norwood, MA, Norwich, CT & Warwick, RI
  • Wide flexibility in methods of payment.

Our On-Site Sales Program works with hospitals, nursing homes, and medical office buildings from Maine through Pennsylvania.

We set up our goods in a room in your facility, for an agreed upon time period. Nurses and other employees are able to browse and shop whenever in their day they find it most convenient. We accept cash, charge, and payroll deduction, where the service is available.

We have the ability to work under your facility guidelines in order to offer Payroll Deduction or a Voucher Program as a payment option for your employees. Customized payroll deduction and voucher terms can be discussed to best serve your facility needs.

By partnering with Alexander's Uniforms and continuously capturing an ongoing uniform sale, between on-site sales, you will generate constant funding to support your facility based on amounts of sale.