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Pre-Order Information

What is a pre-order?

When Alexander’s Uniforms is scheduled to come to your facility for an on-site sale, you have the option of requesting items for us to bring specifically for you. Depending on your facility size, Alexander’s Uniforms may be limited with the number of products we can bring to your facility. By placing a pre-order, you can cut down on your shopping time and have all the items you’d like ready for purchase.

Please note: Any items that are discontinued or out of stock by the manufacturer will not be fulfilled with your pre-order.

How to pick up a pre-order?

Alexander’s Uniforms will bring your pre-order to your facility on the day of your sale. Simply notify the employee at the register that you placed a pre-order and provide your name. The employee will then cash your order out.

How to place a pre-order?

You have two options to place a pre-order for your sale. We ask that you place your pre-order at least 14 days prior to sale date to ensure that we will have your full order ready. Any items on pre-orders placed within 14 days of the sale are not guaranteed to be available. Should an item you’ve requested not be available, at the time of the sale we can special order the item for you and have it delivered to you on a later date.

Option 1: Email your Order

Place your pre-order by emailing preorders@alexandersuniforms.com

In your email, please include your name, the name of your facility you would like your pre-order to go to, and the date of your sale.

Your pre-order must include the item number/size/color and quantity you would like. You may either list your items out in an email or send a screenshot of your cart displaying the information.

Option 2: Pre-Order Online

Fill out the form below to submit your pre-order.